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LA COOPERATIVA SOCIALE ONLUS IL MAGGIOCIONDOLO was born in 1993 doing a recovery and placement of pallets used for the employment of people on th emargins of society and prisoner even in the alternative penalty. Now there is a need to renew and revitalize the cooperative professioanlly, physically and commercially, and we believe that closing a production cycle like ours, which is the recovery of wood, joining other work of the territory, to create and exchange industry knowledge to create a new economy of virtue.

  the cooperative's mission is to promote cultural events in the area and the redevelopment of prison labor economy in a virtuous

  Tally is made with strips made from used pallets irrecoverable standard or oversized, and re-planed re-thinknesses of two plates methacrylate transparent and is first of its renewal, through which we have begun collaborations with companies like RCE by Renzo Riedo, the cooperative WORK & SERVICE, woodworking EMME and other reality yet. We have entered in partnership Ecofriends, they belong to different companies and municipalities of Italy, which adhere to responsible and sustainable economy and carry out projects on SPAZIO DEL BELLO, with theACCADEMY OF FINE ARTS of Verona, because we are convinced that spirituality is the very concrete economic. the product does not exist until someone is not an application, or until you look at the absolute value of the subject. This methodology sees the creation of induced labor, where IL MAGGIOCIONDOLO stands as a CLUSTER of institutions and companies in the territory by creating new professional custom designs.  
IL MAGGIOCIONDOLO cooperative social onlus
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